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Industrial hygiene professional woman wearing PPE and working in a lab with a pipette and purple gloves

Q&A: How to Prepare for the Future of Industrial Hygiene

November 13, 2020

As industrial hygiene becomes more complex, practitioners are embracing a more holistic approach. Expert Paul Zoubek explains what you need to know.

Coal burning power generation facility blowing smoke to the right on a teal background

10 Things to Do When You Visit a Power Generation Facility

October 14, 2020

Industrial hygienists are often asked to conduct exposure assessments at unfamiliar plants. If that happens to you, keep these 10 safety musts in mind.

Safety professional man wearing hearing and eye protection while conducting a risk assessment

7 Opportunities to Use Risk Assessment in Machine Safety

October 6, 2020

Understanding and advocating for the practice of risk assessment will help you improve machine safety. Use these seven opportunities to make a difference.

Smiling safety professional man in a blue shirt and glasses using his smart phone for a video call with senior leaders

7 Ways to Create a Strong and Sustainable Risk Culture

September 11, 2020

Risk programs often struggle to get the buy-in of senior leaders. Use these seven practical steps to connect your safety goals with organizational objectives.

Young safety professional woman with glasses and a blue blouse sitting in front of a blue background

5 Methods That Will Help You Analyze Layers of Controls

September 4, 2020

Want to reduce and manage operational risk? You’ll need layers of controls. Use these five methods to analyze their effectiveness.

Middle aged construction safety professional in a hard hat looking to the left and smiling

7 Skills You Need to Master as a Construction Safety Professional

August 10, 2020

Construction safety professionals must be leaders as well as technical experts. Here are seven skills that will help you rise to the challenge.

Construction safety professional man in a red shirt and PPE holding a clipboard

3 Ts That Will Prevent Dropped Objects in Construction

July 31, 2020

Dropped objects are a leading cause of construction worker injuries. This powerful memory device can help safety professionals respond.

Man looking in mirror adjusting his tie

Quiz: Which Type of Safety Professional Are You?

October 24, 2019

Your unique strengths help make you a better safety professional. Take this quiz and compare results with your friends and colleagues.

One older and one younger man on a construction site with hard hats looking at safety information on a tablet computer

Why AI Is the Future of Construction Safety

October 3, 2019

Construction safety could soon face an AI revolution. Here’s how the industry is slowly adopting new technology to protect workers on the job.

Safety professional woman raising her hand in a classroom of other safety professionals

10 Things That Will Help Safety Professionals Stand Out

September 26, 2019

It may not be as hard as you think to advance your safety career. These 10 things can help you build your skills and raise your profile.

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