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10 Things to Do When You Visit a Power Generation Facility

Infographic titled 10 Things to Do When You Visit a Power Generation Facility

Power generation operations are full of hazards that range from routine to rare. An organized, systematic method of exposure and risk assessment is key to controlling these hazards through an industrial hygiene program. Many industrial hygienists are asked to conduct initial qualitative exposure assessments at plants they’ve never visited. If you find yourself in that position, keep these 10 safety musts in mind.

Participate in visitor safety briefings

These may include a review of emergency procedures and site-specific hazard areas.

Wear proper arc-rated clothing

Could you be exposed to an arc flash of 2 cal/cm2 or greater in incident energy? Stay protected.

Properly wear NFPA 2112 clothing

Combustible dust is present at coal-fired generation plants and presents a flash fire hazard.

Leave unrated equipment behind

Items such as cell phones and cameras are not rated for Class 1 or Class 2 hazardous locations.

Wear a hard-hat-mounted light

This will help you avoid dangers in the event of a power outage and backup power failure.

Use fall protection equipment

Wear the appropriate PPE for your environment and follow fall protection best practices.

Use respiratory protection equipment

In proximity to respiratory hazards, you will need to wear respiratory protection.

Wear appropriate eye protection

When monitoring hot work activities or other eye hazards, proper eye protection is a must.

Obey warning signage and barriers

Watch for indicators of active lead or asbestos, scaffolding, radiofrequency radiation and more.

Maintain situational awareness

Be alert to potential crush hazards, such as remote-controlled locomotives and conveyor belts.

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For more information about conducting a qualitative exposure assessment at an unfamiliar power plant, read "Power Trip: Occupational Health Issues in the Power Generation Industry" in the September 2017 issue of Professional Safety.

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