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5 Methods That Will Help You Analyze Layers of Controls

Infographic titled 5 Methods That Will Help You Analyze Layers of Controls

The concept of protecting people and assets with layers of controls, both preventive and mitigative, is an important aspect of reducing and managing operational risk. These five methods from experts Bruce Lyon and Georgi Popov can help you analyze whether the controls you have in place are effective.

Bow-Tie Analysis

A bow-tie analysis is a graphical depiction of pathways from the causes of an event to its consequences. It will help you visualize the controls you have already implemented.

Layers of Protection Analysis (LOPA)

LOPA is often used in chemical processing to analyze the effectiveness of preventive barriers. You wouldn’t consider lower-level controls, such as inspections and PPE, using this method.

Layers of Mitigation Analysis (LOMA)

LOMA is similar to LOPA, with one key difference: It helps you assess reactive — or mitigative — layers of controls. Both use charts to show your current state and informed predictions.

Risk Summation Analysis

Whole-system risks are often greater than any single risk in a system. A risk summation analysis helps you look at individual risks that could occur at the same time and produce synergistic effects.

Layers of Controls Analysis (LOCA)

Lyon and Popov developed LOCA as a combination of LOPA and LOMA. It allows you to analyze preventive, independent protection layers and reactionary measures at the same time.

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For more insight into these five analytical methods, read “Managing Risk Through Layers of Control” in the April 2020 issue of Professional Safety.

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