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7 Skills You Need to Master as a Construction Safety Professional

Infographic titled 7 Skills You Need to Master as a Construction Safety Professional

It’s important to understand the technical side of our profession. But as a construction safety professional, you are also expected to collaborate with executives, gain worker trust and deliver projects within a reasonable budget and time frame. Here are seven skills that will help you rise to the challenge.

1. Financial Management

Do you understand how your organization calculates risk exposures and insurance premiums?

2. Compassion and Empathy

Are you able to connect with workers on a human level and sincerely address their concerns?

3. Ergonomics

Can you manage the ergonomics program element of your safety and health management system?

4. Fatigue Management

Do you know how to explain the cause-and-effect relationship between fatigue and incidents?

5. Labor Relations

Are you able to support senior leaders during incident investigations and collective bargaining?

6. Record and Information Management

Can you use records and information to help inform organizational budgets, training and hiring?

7. Leadership

Do you recognize the ways your behavior impacts your ability to lead and create new leaders

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For more insight into how these safety skills apply to construction and all industries, read Henry Skjerven’s article, “Seven Skills Every Safety Professional Needs,” in the June 2019 issue of Professional Safety.

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