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3 Ts That Will Prevent Dropped Objects in Construction

Infographic titled 3 Ts That Will Prevent Dropped Objects in Construction

Dropped objects are a leading cause of injuries to construction workers. Fortunately, there’s a powerful memory device that can help safety professionals respond. Just as personal fall prevention provides the ABCs (anchor, body support, connectors), dropped object prevention involves the three Ts.



  • Trapping describes the installation of retrofit attachment points on tools and primary anchoring locations.
  • Install anchor attachments on secure locations and remember they are never intended for heavier tools if applied to a person.


  • Tethering means attaching tools and equipment to the anchor points that hold them, and it often involves use of lanyards.
  • You can even adapt tools that seem untetherable, because they lack attachment points, for safety.


  • Topping refers to the containers that workers use to bring tools and equipment to and from heights.
  • Make sure these containers have secure closures or tops that can cover the contents and prevent them from spilling if tipped.

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