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7 Ways to Create a Strong and Sustainable Risk Culture

Infographic titled 7 Ways to Create a Strong and Sustainable Risk Culture

Risk programs often struggle to get the buy-in of senior leaders. Without that critical ingredient, it is impossible to build a strong and sustainable risk culture in which workers are heard and supported. Use these seven practical steps to connect your safety goals with organizational objectives.

Operate Strategically

Safety must fit into the broader organization. Assess risks, confirm supervisors have what they need to be successful and establish a baseline of effective controls.

Listen to Workers

For safety to run successfully as a business function, human behavior must be part of the equation. Capture perspectives and ideas from workers to identify and act on risks.

State Your Intentions

To start the transition from a top-down approach to inclusion, create an identity statement that clearly defines intentions. This will help you communicate with leadership.

Define Roles

Roles and responsibilities must be more than words. Talk to stakeholders about your vision. Then, provide clear descriptions of what everyone will do and how they will be accountable.

Implement Controls

Add controls that keep your culture aligned with your identity statement. These may include seeking worker feedback or engaging other leaders for support.

Track Outcomes

Risk culture depends on gathering information and feedback about organizational finances and alignment with your identity statement. Track these metrics and set goals for improvement.

Brand Your Identity

Branding is not a one-time effort. It involves visuals, voice and multiple tactics to get the message out. You may want to consider kick-off meetings or corporate safety videos.

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For more insight into these seven best practices, read "Intelligent Risk Management: Seven Practical Steps to a Strong Risk Culture and Financial Maturity" in the May 2020 issue of Professional Safety.

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