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Feb 8
Feb 9
Feb 10
Feb 11
Feb 12
Business Skills/Personal Development 215344083 Professional Ethics for the Safety Leader (I) 215570670 Becoming an Effective Independent Consultant (A) 215571178 Storytelling Warrior: Tools to Combat the Disengaged Safety Mind (B)
Certification Preparation 215415947 OHST Exam Prep (B)
215489591 Math Review for Certification Exams (B) 215570073 CSP Exam Prep (I) Less than 3 seats left
215490076 ASP Exam Prep (B) Sold Out
215570639 CHST Exam Prep (I)
Construction 215489618 Protecting Workers Properly in Excavations (I)
Fall Protection 215363951 Effective Fall Protection Programs (B) 215489999 Managed Fall Protection (I)
Human & Organizational Performance 215343609 Building Employee Engagement for a Strong Safety Culture (I) 215590027 Make It Human: Integrating Behavioral Systems with HOP Principles (I)
Industrial Hygiene / Health 215416982 Managing Respiratory Protection Programs (I) 215571277 Fundamentals of Applied Industrial Hygiene (B)
International 215416293 Managing Safety and Health (I)
Regulatory Issues / Government / Public Sector 215489516 Electrical Safety I: Basic Principle & Engineering Controls (B) 215489738 Electrical Safety II: Electrical Safe Work Practices with Application of NFPA 70E (2021 Edition) (I) Sold Out
Risk Assessment 215363238 Risk Assessment (I) 215571143 System Safety for Everyone (I)
215415869 Fatal and Serious Incident Prevention: The Intersection of Human and Organizational Performance in Prevention and Control (E) 215570630 Prevention Through Design (I)
215571004 Risk Based Incident Analysis (I) 215589990 Essential Risk Assessment Tools (B)
Safety Management/ Systems 215363339 Corporate Safety Management (I) Sold Out 215570949 Internal OHSMS Auditing Using ISO 45001 (I)
215363399 Analytics for Safety: A New Approach to Performance Measurement (A) 215489647 Lean Six Sigma Tools for Safety Professionals (I)
215364227 ANSI/ASSP Z16: Metrics and Measurements for the Modern Safety Professional (I) 215571235 Influential Leadership Skills (A) Sold Out
215363571 Safety Management I (B) Less than 3 seats left 215571108 Safety Management II (B) Less than 3 seats left
215489478 Advanced Safety Management Methods (A) Less than 3 seats left 215571086 LeadSAFE (I)
215363157 Implementing ISO 45001 (I)
Feb 15
Feb 16
Feb 17
Feb 18
Feb 19
Business Skills/Personal Development 215590164 Great Leaders Don’t Solve Problems: Principles and Practices for Finding and Preventing Hidden Safety Problems (I) 215753801 Establish Your Place in the C-Suite (A)
215753251 Technical Writing Skills for the Safety Professional (I) 215753974 The Power of Influence (I) 215754473 Safety Professional Practice: A Roadmap to Excellence (A) 215754626 Building High Performance Teams (I)
215753467 Strategic Thinking for Excellence in Safety (I)
215753704 8 Conflict Management and Resolution Skills for Safety Professionals (I) 215753884 Leading through Trust, Buy-In and Ownership - At All Levels (I) 215754454 Ramp Up Your Presentation Skills (I) 215754643 Business Strategies for the Safety Professional (I)
Construction 215735182 50 Issues Critical to Construction (B) 215753945 Managing Scaffold Hazards (B)
Emergency Management / Security 215754651 Planning for an Active Shooter Event (B)
Ergonomics 215753097 Ergonomics for the Safety Professional (I)
Human & Organizational Performance 215753035 People-Based Safety: The Human Dynamics of Achieving an Injury-Free Workplace (A) 215753785 Workplace Mental Health: A Blueprint for a Healthier Workforce (I) 215753952 Brains, Behaviors, and Culture: The Hidden Connections (E) 215754508 Building an Ideal Safety Culture (A) 215754640 Behavior-Based Safety for Today’s Realities (I)
Industrial Hygiene / Health 215753530 How to Protect Workers from Noise (B)
International 215753111 Implementing a Safety and Health Management System (I) 215754130 International Standards and Legal Requirements for Safety Management (I)
Risk Assessment 215590449 Machine Safety Risk Assessment Using the Robotics Industry Association Methodology (B) 215753936 Manage Risk, Not Safety (I)
Risk Management 215757809 Risk Management Framework (I)
Safety Management/ Systems 215753728 Systematic Slip and Trip Prevention (I) 215753963 Safety and Technology (I) 215754441 Employment Law for Safety Professionals - 2.0 (I)
215669138 Leveraging HOP to Operationalize Serious Injury & Fatality Prevention (E) 215753912 Lock Out Tag Out (LOTO) A-Z (I) 215754301 Measuring Safety Culture (A)
215753753 Preventing Injuries: Applying the Total Worker Health Model (I) 215754581 The Safety Observation Blueprint (I)
215734568 Implementing an ANSI/ASSP Z10 Management System Based on Systems Thinking (I)
Training / Education 215754665 Are You Speaking the Right Language? Multicultural Considerations for Safety Communications and Training (I)
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