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As leaders in their fields, ASSP approved instructors are the best of the best. We carefully review and confirm their credentials, experience, and teaching abilities to bring you the most up to date education available in the safety industry. Check out our list of instructors who bring relevant real-world experiences to support your education.

Earl Blair, Ed.D., CSP, FASSP

Earl Blair is an adjunct professor of safety management at Indiana University Bloomington, with research covering safety culture, leadership and employee engagement. Blair’s experience includes years of industrial safety management, consulting and training throughout the U.S. and internationally. He is an award-winning author and ASSP Fellow.

  • Impact Metrics: Safety Measures That Improve Performance
  • Safety Influencer: Leadership Skills that Impact Performance

Rosa Antonio Carrillo, MSOD

Rosa Antonia Carrillo, president of Carrillo and Associates, is a leadership culture expert whose work emphasizes trust and open communication. Carrillo is the author of “The Relationship Factor in Safety Leadership.” She has 25 years of international experience with clients in the oil and gas, mining, energy, biotech, manufacturing, financial services, education and government sectors.

  • The Relationship Factor in Safety Leadership: Managing Social Risk

Gabe Encarnacion

Gabe Encarnacion is vice president at Bennett-Bowen Lighthouse. He specializes in business strategy and development, organizational behavior, and financial management. Encarnacion is a member of the Long Beach, California and Los Angeles chapters.

  • Leading With CARE Tactics

Hector M. Escarcega, M.S., CSP, ARM

Hector Escarcega is president of Bilingual Solutions International, a training and risk management consulting firm in Los Angeles. He provides bilingual OSHA/safety consulting and delivers training and presentations on risk management to general industry and construction clients. Escarcega also provides consulting and training to help organizations address diversity, equity and inclusion. He holds an M.S. in industrial hygiene and has been a frequent presenter/instructor at ASSP education events.

  • Working Together: Are You Communicating Effectively With Your Multi-Cultural Team?

Paul Esposito, CSP, CIH

Paul Esposito, president of STAR Consultants Inc., has led occupational safety and health consulting organizations for more than 30 years, giving him a breadth of experience working with leading companies worldwide. Esposito is a member of the U.S. Technical Advisory Group to ISO/TC 262, responsible for the ongoing development of ISO 31000, a global standard on risk management and assessment. He is also a member of the ANSI/ASSP Z16 Committee developing standards on safety and health metrics and performance measures. He is an experienced presenter and author.

  • Bowtie Analysis

Shawn M. Galloway

Shawn Galloway is CEO of ProAct Safety Inc., a best-selling author and well-known podcast host. He has helped organizations across all industries achieve and sustain excellence in performance and culture. Galloway is a frequent speaker and instructor at ASSP education events.

  • Leadership Safety Coaching

Sam Gualardo, M.A., CSP, FASSP

Sam Gualardo is a nationally recognized expert in occupational safety and health management. His LeadSAFE safety/risk management process is used by organizations around the world. A past president and Fellow of ASSP, Gualardo routinely testifies as an expert witness in workplace injury cases.

  • Safety Management I
  • Safety Management II

Charlie Halfen

Charlie Halfen is director of risk management at Treaty Oak General Agency. Halfen provides risk management and risk control services and is dedicated to helping companies develop a safe driving workforce to reduce on-road liability. His primary focus areas are fleet safety and driver training for companies with on-road exposure. Halfen has spent more than 30 years working across the transportation industry to improve worker safety. He is an administrator for ASSP’s Transportation Practice Specialty.

  • Reducing Auto Incidents: Effective Strategies and Best Practices

Mark Hansen, M.S., P.E., CSP, CPEA, FASSP

Mark Hansen is ALDPI safety officer at Los Alamos National Laboratory. He is a past president of ASSP with more than 30 years of domestic and international experience in occupational safety and health. Hansen has written three books — including “Climbing the Corporate Ladder — Safely!” — and hundreds of articles.

  • Ergonomics for the Safety Professional

Robert Hites, CSP, CIT, SMS, CHST

Robert Hites is the founder/CEO of Forethought Consulting and managing partner of Nito Solutions. He is an accomplished professional specializing in advanced problem-solving. He partners with stakeholders to unravel complex issues, identify triggering factors, develop strategies and translate those into operational actions.

  • Construction Health and Safety Technician (CHST) Exam

Todd Hohn, CSP

Todd Hohn, CSP, is vice president of environment, health and safety qualifications at ONE Gas. He is responsible for the strategic direction and oversight of the team that supports safety, health, environmental and operational improvement for the organization.

  • Leveraging HOP to Operationalize Serious Injury & Fatality Prevention

Patrick Karol, CSP, SMS, CIT

Patrick Karol started his career as a front-line supervisor with safety as a collateral duty, and now he advises senior leaders on strategies to reduce risk as president of Karol Safety Consulting Inc. His experience includes more than 20 years in the corporate safety departments of two Fortune 200 companies and the federal government. Karol is a past president of the Philadelphia Chapter and former keystone area director for Region VIII.

  • Selling Safety in Your Organization
  • Math Review for Certification Exams
  • Associate Safety Professional (ASP) Exam Prep

James ‘Skipper’ Kendrick, CSP, CIT, FASSP

Skipper Kendrick is president of Global Enterprises LLC.

He has extensive experience in safety, management, education and training. As a safety strategist, Kendrick provides effective, innovative, team-oriented consultation that results in continual performance improvement. He holds a B.S. in industrial technology from Louisiana State University.

  • OSH Learning Lab: Mastering the Fundamentals

Thomas Kramer, P.E., CSP

Thomas Kramer, managing principal for LJB Inc., is a safety consultant and structural engineer who specializes in the assessment and design of fall protection systems as well as fall protection program development and training. A member since 2000, Kramer has served ASSP in numerous roles and is currently on the Finance Committee. He is Chair of the ANSI/ASSP Z359 Committee and President of the International Society for Fall Protection (ISFP).

  • Effective Fall Protection Programs

Richard Lindsey, CSP, SMS

Richard Lindsey is a partner at Nito Solutions LLC. Lindsey has more than 25 years of experience with a wide range of industries and safety, security and compliance subjects. He has provided independent safety consulting services for more than 10 years, with a significant portion of that work related to training at all employee levels.

  • Certified Safety Professional (CSP) Exam Prep

Harvey J. Liss, Ph.D.

Harvey Liss is a consultant at M.C. Liss & Co. He has a history of working in the management consulting industry. Skilled in Performance Improvement, Operations Management, Value Stream Mapping, Organizational Development, and Business Process Improvement. Strong consulting professional with a Ph.D. focused on Soil Science from University of California, Davis

  • The Relationship Factor in Safety Leadership: Managing Social Risk

Jean Ndana, M.S., CSP, ASP, PMP, SSBB

Jean Ndana is senior corporate EHS director at Bull Moose Tube. He has successfully spearheaded efforts to turn around plants plagued with serious safety challenges by demonstrating how an organization can use an effective safety vision as a strategic tool to sustainably transform safety culture. Ndana holds an M.S. in EHS management and industrial engineering from Oakland University and is a member of ASSP’s Greater Detroit Chapter and Blacks in Safety Excellence Common Interest Group.

  • How To Create an Effective Safety Vision Statement

Georgi Popov, Ph.D., CSP, QEP, ARM, FASSP

Georgi Popov is a professor in the School of Geoscience, Physics and Safety (GPS) Sciences at the University of Central Missouri. Popov is Chair of the ANSI/ASSP Z590.3 Prevention Through Design Committee and Vice Chair of the U.S. Technical Advisory Group to ISO/TC 262, responsible for the ongoing development of ISO 31000. He is an award-winning author and frequent instructor/presenter for ASSP and is an ASSP Fellow.

  • Lean Six Sigma Tools for Safety Professionals

Steve Roberts, Ph.D.

Steve Roberts is a co-founder and senior partner of Safety Performance Solutions, a firm that specializes in person- based safety, human error reduction, human and organizational performance, and safety culture and leadership development. His areas of expertise include the design, implementation and evaluation of behavior- and people-based safety processes; the assessment of organizational culture to guide safety interventions; and increasing employee involvement in safety activities. He holds an M.S. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from West Chester University and an M.A. and Ph.D. in Applied/Experimental Psychology from Virginia Tech.

  • People-Based Safety: The Human Dynamics of Achieving an Injury-Free Workplace

Deborah Roy, M.P.H., CSP, FASSP

Deborah Roy is president of SafeTech Consultants Inc. and was the corporate director of health, safety and wellness at L.L.Bean for 12 years. Roy was ASSP’s 2021-22 president. She is an expert on risk, safety management systems and Total Worker Health®.

  • OSH Journey from Compliance to Total Worker Health® : How Do I Evolve My Role?
  • Preventing Injuries: Applying the Total Worker Health® Model
  • Prevention Through Design

Joshua D. Russell, CSP

Joshua Russell is senior manager, environmental health and safety at Howard Hughes Medical Institute. During his career, he has led innovative, high-performing teams and has conducted research to determine which leadership traits and behaviors are most conducive to high-performance, high-engagement and long-term workforce retention. Russell holds a B.S. in occupational safety and health from Columbia Southern University. He is an elected leader of ASSP’s Northern Virginia Chapter.

  • Leading With CARE Tactics

Lawrence Schulze, Ph.D., P.E., CPE

Lawrence Schulze is an associate professor in the Department of Industrial Engineering at the University of Houston, where he teaches undergraduate and graduate courses about engineering economy with a focus on practical application. During his 30-year career in the safety and ergonomics fields, he has focused on preventing musculoskeletal disorders, and identifying practical ergonomics and accommodation opportunities in the workplace and at home. Schulze holds a Ph.D. from Texas A&M University and is the professional development chair for ASSP’s Ergonomics Practice Specialty and a member of the Engineering Practice Specialty Advisory Committee.

  • Business Economics for the Safety Professional
  • Ergonomics for the Safety Professional

Kathy Seabrook, CSP, CFIOSH, EurOSHM, FASSP

Kathy Seabrook, CEO of Global Solutions Inc., works with organizations across industries to leverage workplace safety and health for operational and commercial excellence. Seabrook is a published author, member of the U.S. Technical Advisory Group to ISO/TC 283, responsible for the ongoing development of ISO 45001, a member of the ANSI/ASSP Z10 Committee and member of the Global Reporting Initiative 403 OHS standard working group. She is a past president of ASSP, and a Fellow of ASSP and Institution of Occupational Safety and Health.

  • ESG/Sustainability: Strategy, Road Mapping and Action Planning

Peter Sturm, E.M.B.A., CRSP, CHSC

Peter Sturm is president/CEO of STURM Consulting Inc. and co-author of ASSP’s “Accident Investigation Techniques – Best Practices for Examining Workplace Incidents, Third Edition” which explains how to organize, gather and analyze incident data, and reviews reporting, recommendations and follow-up actions. Sturm teaches courses on safety and incident investigations at the University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies, University of Fredericton and George Brown College. His volunteer leadership positions include serving as chair of the committee responsible for the CSA Z1005 Incident Investigation Standard; as a past president of the Canadian Society of Safety Engineering; and as a director of Minerva Canada.

  • Accident Investigation Techniques: Best Practices for Examining Workplace Incidents

Joel Tietjens, CSP, CSHM, FASSP

Joel Tietjens is president of T-JENS & T-JENS INC., based in Houston. He is a professional speaker, seminar leader and occupational safety and health management consultant. He holds a B.S. in Industrial Safety from the University of Central Missouri and is an ASSP Fellow.

  • Influential Leadership Skills
  • Advanced Safety Management Methods

Cary Usrey

Cary Usrey is vice president of operations for SafetyStratus, an enterprise EHS software that helps organizations in academia, healthcare, construction, manufacturing and general industry leverage technology to drive continuous improvement. His career spans more than 30 years, including serving in the U.S. Navy nuclear power program and holding safety-related positions in the utility, construction and software development industries. Usrey holds an Associate of Applied Science in Occupational Safety and Health Technology from Trinidad State Junior College, and he is a frequent speaker at industry events hosted by group such as ASSP, AIHA and the Voluntary Protection Program Participants’ Association.

  • The Safety Observation Blueprint
  • Leveraging HOP to Operationalize Serious Injury and Fatality Prevention

Pamela J. Walaski, CSP, FASSP

Pam Walaski is president-elect of ASSP. She is the senior program director of Specialty Technical Consultants Inc., and an adjunct faculty member at Indiana University of Pennsylvania and Central Washington University. Walaski has nearly 30 years of occupational safety and health experience and is an award-winning author and ASSP Fellow. She is a member of the U.S. Technical Advisory Group to the ISO/TC 283 Committee, responsible for the ongoing development of ISO 45001, as well as the ANSI/ASSP Z16 Committee on metrics.

  • Managing Risk is More Than Risk Assessment
  • Measuring the Success of Your OSH Program: A Standards-Based Approach

SafetyFOCUS is an immersion in safety education with industry leaders who cover a wide range of topics that will help you excel at keeping workers in your industry safe.

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