Five Signs You Need to Improve Your Employee Safety Training


Workplace injury risks are not something to take lightly.

Whether you operate in the public or private sector, every employee in your company should have sufficient safety training.

It matters just as much for a new hire as it does for senior-level executive, and it applies to any industry. Work-related injuries can affect a construction worker on a busy site just as much as they can an administrative assistant in an office building.

Safety is everyone's concern, which means that proper employee safety training is everyone's responsibility.

Not sure how well your training is performing?

Here are five signs you may need to get the team together and go over safety basics.

1) Not Everyone Is Playing By the Rules

One obvious sign your team needs a workplace safety refresher is that people think they are above the rules.

This may be managers thinking they don't need to set an example. Or perhaps some new hires are trying to go unnoticed as they avoid safety procedures.

Either way, it’s crucial to remind the team that safety expectations apply to every team member.

Suggest employee safety training for all departments. This ensures that everyone gets the information they need to perform their jobs better. It also promotes inter-department communication, which always improves results.

Bringing employees together for a common cause shows the importance of the topic, and it becomes a bridge to more genuine interactions later on.

2. Employees Aren't Aware of Safety Resources Available

Employees may not be following safety regulations simply because they don't know what they are.

To avoid singling out those who operate against the norm, confirm whether they understand the available safety resources.

You may be surprised by their answer.

If employees aren't aware of the safety precautions in place, they can't be expected to follow the standards. The same goes for those who don't know where to find the company's resources on safety. Watch for signs that the company is not providing enough information up-front.

A good way to address this is to create an open-door policy for employees to come directly to you with questions. It shows you care and are available to listen to their concerns.

However, you may want to be more direct.

Consider calling a quick meeting or sending an email to everyone in the company. Tell them you have noticed a lack of safety, and take responsibility. Open the conversation for employee safety training options and let your staff feedback determine the training activity.

3. Your Industry Has New Compliance Regulations

New technologies and innovations are shifting the way many industries operate. To some, it feels like these changes happen almost overnight.

As an employer or upper-level manager, you need to stay on top of such changes. The most valuable way to save time on employee safety training is to get ahead of safety issues before they arise.

The moment you become aware of new regulations, share them with your team.

This goes for industry-wide announcements as well as new standards specific to the tools you use.

Be sure to follow-up with your team as well. Have a conversation about team members’ level of understanding of new regulations and ask for their feedback. This should reveal any questions or concerns, prepping a well-informed team ready to do their job.

4. You Are Introducing New Equipment

If new regulations are related to an entirely different way of doing things, it’s time to address the topic of employee safety training.

You wouldn't take a person from accounting and ask her to create a marketing concept without showing her the ropes. Approach the introduction of new equipment in a similar way. Explain the value of this new operation, and share the possible safety concerns it could present as well.

This leaves no question as to why the equipment is being introduced, or how to use it. Employees will be excited and focused as they make the switch, reducing the chance of injuries.

More importantly, they will be more confident to make the change.

At the end of the day, the best way to combat safety is with knowledge. Empower employees before they even encouter something new.

5. It’s Been a While Since Our Last Training Program

Speaking of knowledge, when is the last time you informed your employees about safety?

Being aware of the amount of time between training sessions is a good way to stay on top of things. It prompts proactive planning about future training, which can prevent major workplace injuries.

People understand things better when they are fresh in their minds. The more you keep the safety conversation fresh, the better your staff will understand it. This also keeps everyone on the same page and reinforces the that safety is everyone’s responsibility.

And, don't be afraid to switch up your training style, either.

Everyone learns differently, so consider trying a lunch-and-learn one quarter and a hands-on activity the next.

Also, consider having different departments lead employee safety training sessions. The sharing of this responsibility will engage everyone over time.

Take Employee Safety Training to New Heights

If your workplace is showing any of these signs, you need to take action. Don't spend another day leaving employee safety at risk.

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